Family Housing Success Stories


From Homeless to Home- OWNER!!! (click link to read her story) 


Proud 1st Time Home Buyer

A mother of 4 found herself homeless with no place to turn. Working full time as a housekeeper she she didn’t earn a lot of money but she entered COOL Family Housing and began saving her earnings. Then she began saving her child support checks.   At the end of a year, she had saved enough to make a down payment on a home of her own! She has never been a homeowner before!  What a great success story!!!



A loving mother and her three sons called COOL as their stay at a local domestic violence shelter was coming to an end. After being a full time homemaker for 17 years it was difficult for her to go in to the work field with basically no skills or work experience. She began applying for jobs in local factories, took her driving test and bought a car. She is now in residence at COOL and working full time, her children are all excelling in school, her youngest, age 11, made honor roll. This is why COOL Family Housing is here;  to give hope and encouragement to those that need it!


A mother and her 12 yr old daughter entered our program with little resources and her job was only during the school year. While she was at COOL she was able to take classes and testing to improve her skills and she then passed the state exam to become a substitute teacher. Now she will have the option of working through the summer in the summer-school program. She also saved more than $5000.00 while in the program and was able to graduate from COOL and move into stable rental housing.


A single mother with two children came to COOL housing as they were homeless and had been staying in a friend’s small house with 13 other people! When Christmas came the grandmother asked the children what they hoped Santa would bring them. The 8 year old son told her that Shari (our Case Manager) had already given him what he wanted. When she asked what that could possibly be he replied…”She gave me a house!” This same child had been struggling in school due to the stress of his family having no home of their own, and now he is on the honor roll!

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A single mom with three of her own children and an adopted daughter came to COOL seeking help after losing her home due to job loss. She was working full time but still could not save up enough money to pay needed security deposits and rent while providing basic necessities for her large family. At COOL, she is now saving money, making plans to go back to school to complete her degree in computer science and her oldest son will graduate from high school this year and is making plans for a career in the Military.

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A single father with two children entered our program after losing their house due to foreclosure.  Since coming to COOL he has since increased his hours at his job, and saved enough money to begin looking for housing on his own. He is also so proud that his young daughter is an honor student and his oldest child is now in his first year of college!

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COOL staff recently received a call from a program graduate who completed the program several years ago. She had good news to share indeed! Upon leaving COOL Family Housing they were accepted as Habitat for Humanity home buyers. Last month this family made their last house payment and are now proud to say they are debt free!!!!





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